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Medium Ration Box


  • Flour 20 kgs
  • Rice 5 kgs
  • Sugar 5 kgs
  • Cooking Oil 5 ltrs
  • Grains 3 kg
  • Spices ( 5 different )
  • Basic Medicines ( 1 box pack )
  • Tea ( small )
  • Milk 2 ltrs


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At Tayyaba Collection in collaboration WeCare Foundation, we firmly believe that no one should go to bed hungry. Our Ration Box Donation program is a heartfelt initiative aimed at providing essential sustenance and nourishment to those facing the harsh realities of food insecurity. By donating a Ration Box, you become a beacon of hope for countless individuals and families, empowering them to overcome challenging circumstances with a full stomach and a warm heart.

The Power of Giving

Hunger is a global issue that affects millions of lives every day. In many parts of the world, poverty and unforeseen circumstances leave people without access to basic necessities like food. Through our Ration Box Donation program, we strive to bridge this gap and make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

What’s Inside a Ration Box?

Each Ration Box is thoughtfully curated to ensure it contains essential food items that can provide a balanced and nutritious diet. These boxes typically include staples such as rice, wheat, pulses, lentils, cooking oil, sugar, salt, flour, tea, or coffee. With a focus on non-perishable items, the Ration Box can sustain a family for several days, providing them with the nourishment required to endure difficult times.

Making a Lasting Impact

Your generosity in donating a Ration Box goes a long way in making a lasting impact on the lives of the recipients. It’s not just about providing a meal; it’s about instilling hope, showing compassion, and reminding them that they are not alone in their struggle.

Join Us Today

Step forward with us and make a difference in the world. Donate a Ration Box today and be a part of this compassionate journey towards a hunger-free and empowered society. Your support can bring about transformation and create a brighter, nourished future for all. Together, let’s empower lives through nourishment!


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